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Whatever, Internet.

I know this is a little out-of-the-blue, and strange for not being an ADHDcast-related post, but I made a RageComic for the first time, and it’s something I have been noticing happening to lots of people but especially me lately:


There’s just too much internet! AAARGH! It was bad enough fifteen-odd years ago when I first explored its pitfalls and perils, but it has only become worse in the intervening span! WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THIS?!


Of course, the answer is nothing; we police ourselves, restrict ourselves to only certain lengths of time, or devest ourselves of certain sites that are too big of time-sucks. Though I did succumb to the wiles of Twitter, I do not have a Tumblr and am not on Reddit, and will not be on WookieCheeseEgg or whatever the next social media platform may be. There are very good reasons why: THEY WOULD EAT ALL THE REST OF THE TIME I ALREADY WASTE ON MY PODCAST, THEREBY PREEMPTING A FOURTH BOOK GETTING FINISHED UNTIL I AM 62.


By the way, I just joined Goodreads! Check me out here!

Ironically yours,


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